Britomart Station - Dual-Purpose Tactiles

After an international design competition and a lengthy competitive bid process, the right to the Britomart development was won by the Bluewater Consortium.

In 2003 CNC Machining won the tender through Mobility Research Center to make several thousand dual purpose safety tactiles for the station’s upgrade. Serving the purpose of safety markers for the visually impaired, these tactiles were also designed to give a visual bling to the underground passenger stops.

The sheer numbers involved in this project made it the largest contract that CNC Machining had endeavoured to undergo at the time. With the tooling and machine knowledge our staff have, we were able to bring cycle times down to mere seconds, and with the introduction of bar-feed machines, each individual tactile was brought off the machine untouched by human hands and free of imperfections every time.

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CNC Machining have been a long term component supplier to Quadbeam Technologies Ltd. The quality of finish and repeatable high process standards means that we are able to continue to supply quality products meeting international standards to the world.

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We certainly liked the effort with the continuous improvement Karl, that will serve the company, workers and customers well. From a customer perspective the perception of quality, value and reliability are IMHO attached to how the company is presented, and even though you still have lots to do it is possible to see that the company is going to end up looking a lot more professional and organized.

The windows at the front of the building and lit sign also speak volumes about attention to detail. It is nice and light within the factory space, well laid out and is now 'airy' compared to the previous building. The process around quality control at least looks and sounds impressive and gives the impression of quality.

Big improvement Karl. On the road to what we all imagine a state of the art machine shop should look and act like. Will be interested to see it in a years time.

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