Family business ethos meets world-class engineering

At CNC Machining Company Ltd, our journey is deep rooted in the growth of New Zealand manufacturing development, where a family-run ethos meets world-class engineering expertise.

Over the years, our quest for excellence in machined component manufacturing has positioned us as a formidable player in the engineering arena. Our growth narrative is not just reflected in the numbers, but in the trust and enduring partnerships we have built along the way.

Today, our facility buzzes with the synergy of 30+ dedicated staff and the precision of 17 state-of-the-art CNC machines. Each day, we embrace the challenges and the dynamism of the engineering world, translating complex designs into tangible, high-quality components. Our growth has been organic yet impactful, driven by a relentless pursuit of enhancing our capabilities and delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

Ally Houston

Managing Director

As the Co-Director of CNC Machining Company, Ally Houston is a huge advocate for technological advancement and business growth. His foresight led to the introduction of the first 5-axis milling machine in 2014, propelling the company to now boast four 5-axis machines, twin spindle lathes, live tooling lathes, and robotic part loading. Born into the realm of CNC Machining Company, Ally's passion fuels his dedication to supporting clients and nurturing their business needs.


Phone: (09) 274-2582
Mobile: +64 274 931 064

Vinny de Pater

Production Manager

Vinny de Pater has honed his expertise at CNC Machining Company, elevating from a proficient machinist to the esteemed position of Production Manager. His knack for precision and robust CAD-CAM capabilities allows CNC Machining Co to implement optimal processes for client support. Vinny's artistic flair also shines through in the engaging company videos showcasing new installs and intriguing machining applications.


Phone: (09) 274-2585

Mel de Pater

Procurement Manager

Mel worked with CNC Machining Co. years ago, originally in our machine shop understanding our manufacturing processes and quality requirements. Her career has developed through differing manufacturing elements, years in the plastics industry, and most recently in roll forming as the second in command for customer services in the group.



Julian Cahill

Quality Manager

Julian came to CNC Machining Co. direct from his studies at University in Mechanical Engineering, applying his keen eye for detail and nature for statistical process control as our QC Officer.

His interest in computer programming has helped streamline many QC documents. His application of Python programming for macro implementation of information flow through has greatly assisted with data capture ability and time saving returns.

His engineering passion also translates into his love for motorbikes.



CAD-CAM Department

We are proud of our team of highly skilled Manufacturing Engineers that handle the upfront process of design assistance through to machining, and code for optimal processes. They save time while creating accurate and stylish components. We invest in training and resources so your design ideas will have the best possible outcome.

Malcolm Miller

Senior Engineer

With a rich 18-year tenure at CNC Machining Co, Senior Engineer Malcolm Miller has a wealth of invaluable knowledge, aiding in daily operations to ensure every component is crafted to perfection and meets the client's specifications. Malcolm's journey from a top-notch machinist tackling some of the most challenging components, to a Senior Engineer, personifies his unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and sharing his expertise with the team. 


Phone: (09) 274-2586

John Houston

Founding Director

Starting from humble beginnings in the family home in 1986, John Houston has nurtured CNC Machining Company to its current status, now housed in a custom manufacturing facility in Papakura, Auckland. From a single machine tool to a now expansive offering of 5-axis, 4-axis milling, multi-axis turn/mill, and turning capabilities, John has transformed CNC Machining Company into a pivotal support provider across various industries. As he looks to the future, John is keen on seeing the next Houston generations propel CNC Machining Company to new heights of quality, service and support.


Phone: (09) 274-2581

Nathan Wong Tung

Workshop Foreman

Nathan has turned his more than 15 years of experience with CNC Machining into his role of Workshop Foreman, taking his CNC process knowledge he has gained from his initial days with CNC, joining with no experience to his now position as the go to for machining strategy solutions.

His exacting eye for detail, coupled with his work with our QC Department helps CNC to achieve the standards of excellence we achieve.

Nathans passion for motor cars, mechanics and modification means he is always always wired into engineering.


Phone: (09) 274-2582

Employment Join Our Team of Excellence

At CNC Machining Co, we believe that a rich blend of expertise, ingenuity, and collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. We are immensely proud of our diverse, multi-disciplined team whose profound experience has continually set us apart in the engineering domain. Our culture is one of relentless pursuit of precision and quality, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to superior customer service.

We are always considering expanding our team openings range from CNC Lathe Setters, CNC Machining Center Setters, Robotic Engineers, CAD/CAM Programmers, Quality Control Inspectors and Machine Operators. This is an exciting opportunity to become a part of a reputable and forward-thinking company where your contributions are valued and your professional growth nurtured.

If you are driven by excellence, passionate about engineering, and looking forward to contributing to a team that’s at the forefront of providing cutting-edge machined components, we would love to hear from you. Kindly forward your CV to and explore the potential of shaping a rewarding career with CNC Machining Co.

It’s not just a job, but a pathway to a fulfilling and growth-oriented career. Become a part of a team where every project is a testament to quality, innovation, and collaborative success. At CNC Machining Co, your expertise will be cherished, your creativity will be encouraged, and your career aspirations will be nurtured. Submit your CV and let’s build the future of engineering excellence together.

24-7 operation Always Ready to Deliver

At CNC Machining Co, we blend efficiency with precision, operating at near 24-7 to ensure your needs are met swiftly. Our tailored processes guarantee quick turnarounds with the consistent quality we guarantee. Experience timely, reliable service, and excellence with CNC Machining Co, where we’re always ready to support you.

Lean and 5S principles Excellence in Efficiency with Lean and 5S Principles

At CNC Machining Co, we’re not just defined by the precision components we create but also by the meticulous processes that underscore our operations. We’re staunch advocates of Lean and 5S principles, ensuring an organizational ethos that is as precise and efficient as the products we engineer.

Our adaptation of Lean principles ensures waste reduction, optimal performance, and enhanced value for our clients. Every stage of our process, from conception to completion, is honed to maximize efficiency and quality, ensuring your projects are delivered with speed without compromising precision.

The 5S methodology of Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain is deeply ingrained in our workspace. We champion a clutter-free, well-organized environment that not only boosts productivity but also fosters innovation. Each member of the CNC team has a mindset of continuous improvement, ensuring an ever-evolving, agile, and responsive approach to your engineering needs.

With CNC Machining Co, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re selecting a partner dedicated to delivering excellence manifested through the refined, systematic, and efficient processes that Lean and 5S epitomize.

Sustainability A Commitment to Sustainable Precision Engineering

In the heart of CNC Machining Co’s operational excellence lies a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. Every piece we craft, every service we deliver is imbued with an ethos of environmental responsibility and resource efficiency.

We have meticulously refined our processes to minimize waste and energy consumption, ensuring that every project not only meets the rigorous standards of precision and quality but also the imperatives of ecological mindfulness. Our near 24-7 operational model is sustained by innovations that reduce our carbon footprint, promoting a synergy of technological advancement and environmental stewardship.

Our selection of materials, partners, and processes are all influenced by a commitment to a future where precision engineering and ecological balance coexist seamlessly. With CNC Machining Co, clients are not just receiving exceptional quality and service; they are engaging with a partner dedicated to a greener, more sustainable world.

Experience the confluence of engineering excellence and ecological consciousness with CNC Machining Co - where tomorrow’s sustainability meets today’s innovation.

Projects A proven track record

Why CNC Machining Co. The CNC Machining Co. Advantage

Highly skilled experienced professional team with a dedicated quality department and stringent quality control processes, ensure that what you order is exactly what you get.

Quality is our guarantee!

Efficiency We get things done fast without compromising on our quality.

Our technology allows for a high degree of automation, which makes it possible to produce quality components quickly, economically, and accurately. Multi part loading of components on sub-plates and using special tools to machine several features in one process, we speed up production reducing manufacturing costs. Our bar feeding machines allow long periods of unmanned production.

Versatility Huge range of parts and easily adaptable to requirements.

We can produce a huge range of parts, and adapt easily to changes in customer requirements. CNC Machining has an inventory of 17 machines which allows us to make a huge range of parts and components in large quantities, and also to react to urgent orders with expediency where necessary. What’s more, we can work with a variety of materials—stainless steel, exotics, titanium, aluminium, plastics and brass to name a few.

Accessibility Building strong business relationships over the long-term.

We build strong long term business relationships with our customers by putting people in touch with those who can help them out, first time. There’s no unproductive back-and-forth, just simple and friendly communication that ensures anyone can access the services they need. Our customers enjoy excellent service, quality products, and a fantastic overall experience.

Accuracy Expertly crafted components with state-of-the-art technology.

We produce quality components thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and well-trained, knowledgeable staff. Careful design and programming on sophisticated software, coupled with the modern machines we operate, mean that our machining services are highly accurate. We pride ourselves on outputting products that meet our own rigorous standards.

The best professional and organized CNC we've dealt with over the last 14 years.

World class products, great team and truly exceptional.


Sanad Hassan – Ultimate Anodize

Have dealt with Ally for the last 10 years at various work places and now also through my own business
Latest technology and they always figure a way to get things done that may seem sometimes impossible.

Krish Kumar – CNC Router Services

Very good to deal with, great bunch of guys and girls A+

DCJ Panther J

CNC Machining have been a long term component supplier to Quadbeam Technologies Ltd. The quality of finish and repeatable high process standards means that we are able to continue to supply quality products meeting international standards to the world.

Geoff Letcher Director at Quadbeam Technologies

We certainly liked the effort with the continuous improvement Karl, that will serve the company, workers and customers well. From a customer perspective the perception of quality, value and reliability are IMHO attached to how the company is presented, and even though you still have lots to do it is possible to see that the company is going to end up looking a lot more professional and organized.

The windows at the front of the building and lit sign also speak volumes about attention to detail. It is nice and light within the factory space, well laid out and is now 'airy' compared to the previous building. The process around quality control at least looks and sounds impressive and gives the impression of quality.

Big improvement Karl. On the road to what we all imagine a state of the art machine shop should look and act like. Will be interested to see it in a years time.

Andrew Lee

CNC are a supplier we can just trust

Nathan Candy – Director MachineWorks