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Highly skilled experienced professional team with a dedicated quality department and stringent quality control processes, ensure that what you order is exactly what you get.

Quality is our guarantee!

Aviation Soaring Higher with Advanced Aviation Manufacturing

The aviation industry’s ever-evolving demands for superior quality, reliability, and lightweight components are well catered to at CNC Machining Company. Our expertise in manufacturing complex parts using a variety of materials, including titanium and aluminum, ensures we meet the industry’s rigorous standards. Our precision manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our consultative approach, make us a reliable partner for aviation projects ranging from prototyping to mass production of components. With a relentless focus on quality and efficiency, we are dedicated to propelling the aviation industry to greater heights.

Automotive Accelerating Automotive Excellence with Precision Manufacturing

In the fast-paced automotive industry, CNC Machining Company is your reliable partner for manufacturing high-precision components that drive performance and innovation. Our expertise in machining a wide variety of materials and complex geometries ensures the delivery of components that meet the stringent standards of the automotive sector. Whether it’s prototyping or mass production, our advanced manufacturing capabilities, coupled with a commitment to quality, make us a trusted choice for automotive projects. Together, let’s drive the future of automotive engineering to new horizons.

Space Pioneering Space Innovations with Precision Engineering

At CNC Machining Company, we take pride in being a part of groundbreaking projects in the space industry. Our precision manufacturing capabilities are tailored to meet the stringent demands of space applications. By employing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technologies and meticulous quality control procedures, we ensure every component we manufacture adheres to the high standards required for space exploration and satellite technologies. Our expertise in 5-Axis machining and other advanced manufacturing techniques ensures the delivery of complex components with exceptional accuracy and reliability, making us a trusted partner for space industry projects.

Civil Crafting Architectural Marvels with Precision Engineering

In the realm of architectural design, CNC Machining Company transforms artistic visions into tangible marvels. Our expertise extends to manufacturing dual-purpose tactiles, frameless glass fittings, display stands, and architectural sculptures that adorn some of Auckland’s most striking buildings. Our meticulous attention to detail and precision manufacturing capabilities ensure each component we produce contributes to the aesthetic and structural integrity of architectural projects, making us a reliable partner for civil engineering and architectural endeavors.

Dairy Fueling Automation Innovations with Precision Manufacturing

New Zealand’s dairy industry is a pillar of the nation’s economy, and at CNC Machining Co, we contribute by manufacturing high-quality components essential for dairy operations. Our expertise extends to producing stainless steel valves, cups/shells, tees, reducers, and various components for rotary milking sheds. By continually aligning with the industry’s evolving technological advancements, we aim to foster innovation and efficiency in dairy production systems. Our precision manufacturing and steadfast commitment to quality ensure the dairy industry continues to thrive sustainably.

Medical Advancing Medical Innovations with Precision Components

In the critical domain of medical equipment manufacturing, CNC Machining Company stands out with its precision engineering and stringent quality control. Our advanced machining capabilities allow us to manufacture complex components with the precision that medical applications demand. From prototyping to full-scale production, our services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the medical industry, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality, precise components. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards makes us a trusted manufacturing partner for medical equipment manufacturers.

Electronics Encasing Innovation: Precision Housings for Electronics

Housing of electronics is a critical aspect that protects and encases your innovative electronic devices. At CNC Machining Co, we specialize in manufacturing diverse designs of electronic housings, catering to various industries from marine to soil testing equipment. Our advanced machining capabilities ensure the precision and reliability of every housing component we produce, regardless of the material chosen. Entrust us with the exterior, and focus on your electronic innovations while we ensure they are well-protected and encased with precision.

Automation Fueling Automation Innovations with Precision Manufacturing

The automation industry is ever-evolving, and at CNC Machining Co, we provide the precision manufacturing services essential for driving innovation in this sector. Our advanced machining capabilities, including unmanned machining and bar-fed & twin spindle technologies, ensure efficient production of complex components crucial for automated systems. From design to prototyping and mass production, our services are engineered to meet the unique demands of automation projects, ensuring timely delivery of reliable components that power the future of automation.

Marine Navigating Marine Engineering Challenges with Precision

At CNC Machining Company, we have honed our expertise in manufacturing robust and precise components for marine applications. Whether it’s stainless steel rigging fittings, marine electronic housings, or bespoke components for luxury yachts, our precision manufacturing capabilities ensure the durability and reliability needed to withstand the harsh marine environment. With a decade-long history of supplying market leading partners, we have established a trusted name in the marine industry. Our collaborative approach ensures your marine projects sail smoothly from design to delivery.

Agriculture Cultivating Success in Agriculture through Precision Manufacturing

CNC Machining Company has been a reliable partner for many companies aiming to enhance productivity in the agricultural sector. Our machined parts play a crucial role in water supply systems, chemical distribution, and state-of-the-art fruit testing equipment. The agriculture industry is a key driver of New Zealand’s economy, and we are dedicated to manufacturing components that contribute to efficient and competitive primary production systems. Our collaborative approach and commitment to quality ensure the success of agricultural projects we undertake.

Projects A proven track record

Why CNC Machining Co. The CNC Machining Co. Advantage

Highly skilled experienced professional team with a dedicated quality department and stringent quality control processes, ensure that what you order is exactly what you get.

Quality is our guarantee!

Efficiency We get things done fast without compromising on our quality.

Our technology allows for a high degree of automation, which makes it possible to produce quality components quickly, economically, and accurately. Multi part loading of components on sub-plates and using special tools to machine several features in one process, we speed up production reducing manufacturing costs. Our bar feeding machines allow long periods of unmanned production.

Versatility Huge range of parts and easily adaptable to requirements.

We can produce a huge range of parts, and adapt easily to changes in customer requirements. CNC Machining has an inventory of 17 machines which allows us to make a huge range of parts and components in large quantities, and also to react to urgent orders with expediency where necessary. What’s more, we can work with a variety of materials—stainless steel, exotics, titanium, aluminium, plastics and brass to name a few.

Accessibility Building strong business relationships over the long-term.

We build strong long term business relationships with our customers by putting people in touch with those who can help them out, first time. There’s no unproductive back-and-forth, just simple and friendly communication that ensures anyone can access the services they need. Our customers enjoy excellent service, quality products, and a fantastic overall experience.

Accuracy Expertly crafted components with state-of-the-art technology.

We produce quality components thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and well-trained, knowledgeable staff. Careful design and programming on sophisticated software, coupled with the modern machines we operate, mean that our machining services are highly accurate. We pride ourselves on outputting products that meet our own rigorous standards.

The best professional and organized CNC we've dealt with over the last 14 years.

World class products, great team and truly exceptional.


Sanad Hassan – Ultimate Anodize

Have dealt with Ally for the last 10 years at various work places and now also through my own business
Latest technology and they always figure a way to get things done that may seem sometimes impossible.

Krish Kumar – CNC Router Services

Very good to deal with, great bunch of guys and girls A+

DCJ Panther J

CNC Machining have been a long term component supplier to Quadbeam Technologies Ltd. The quality of finish and repeatable high process standards means that we are able to continue to supply quality products meeting international standards to the world.

Geoff Letcher Director at Quadbeam Technologies

We certainly liked the effort with the continuous improvement Karl, that will serve the company, workers and customers well. From a customer perspective the perception of quality, value and reliability are IMHO attached to how the company is presented, and even though you still have lots to do it is possible to see that the company is going to end up looking a lot more professional and organized.

The windows at the front of the building and lit sign also speak volumes about attention to detail. It is nice and light within the factory space, well laid out and is now 'airy' compared to the previous building. The process around quality control at least looks and sounds impressive and gives the impression of quality.

Big improvement Karl. On the road to what we all imagine a state of the art machine shop should look and act like. Will be interested to see it in a years time.

Andrew Lee

CNC are a supplier we can just trust

Nathan Candy – Director MachineWorks