Welcome to CNC Machining

CNC Machining Co Ltd are an Auckland based, family-run, company. With many years experience in the manufacture of machined components we are a competitive company in the world of engineering.


If your electronics need to be housed, whether its in plastic or metal, CNC Machining can help you out.

Glass Fittings

We have been supplying Stainless Steel Balustrade fittings to the glass industry for more than 10 years.

Architectural Design

A great building needs more than just nuts and bolts. We have helped some of Auckland's most striking buildings stand out in the concrete jungle.

Dairy Industry

CNC Machining has well developed relationships with many producers of dairy equipment and we maintain the high quality of machined parts required for this ever-important industry.

Agricultural Industry

From getting water to the crops to the health of your kiwifruit, many of CNC Machining's partners are involved in manufacturing equipment to improve productivity in the Agricultural Industry.

Sports & Leisure

CNC Machining has enjoyed manufacturing a wide variety of parts for the sports and leisure industry for many years.